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Ex Tin Panther

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Oof. [Jul. 5th, 2009|03:38 am]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |gloomytired feet]

This was a good day.
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I forget how to journal-write [Jul. 3rd, 2009|08:24 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |contemplative...!]

Good day.

My phone exploded. I got a new one (for free).

I started taking a drama teaching class. Is it cool? Sometimes! Is it ridiculous? Often! But I think it will be useful. And it's supposed to make me qualified not just as a drama teacher, but also as a High School teacher, for no good reason. I made a whole lot of tableaux over the past two days.

The Fringe is on, and I almost went out to see something tonight, but I've been slow to get out the door, and I don't think it's happening now. Or rather, I will go out the door, but just to rent a movie and find food. Or maybe I won't even do that, and I'll just go to bed instead.

A bunch of other things also happened, probably. I'm poor at this, today. I will endeavour to be better at it again soon.
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2009|07:01 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |crazyYeah!]

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Work work [May. 22nd, 2009|11:16 am]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Music |Au Revoir Simone on CBC]

Aw, man... there's another England school doing interviews that I should probably try to interview with. It's supposed to be a really high-level school, which the last head teacher I talked to suggested I might be best suited for. I should probably go send them stuff. Here I go.
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Sunday Sunny Sunday [May. 17th, 2009|12:19 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |sleepy12:44 PM]
[Current Music |Stuart McLean]

Good day. Here are some updates:

England - Contacted people re: openings in Kent county (the area I interviewed for) and elsewhere, and was told, "sorry for the delay in corresponding with you. We have considered your application but feel at this stage that we are unable to accept you onto our list of teachers." Jerks.

So I've decided that my proactiveness on the 'getting a real job' front should include taking a class or two to upgrade my qualifications. So I've registered for a class in July which will get me qualified specifically as a drama teacher for grades 7-10. I thought about trying to get specific qualifications for high school, too, but the classes weren't available and from what I understand, you can still get a job teaching in an area you're not quite technically qualified for, as long as you get the qualifications at some point during that year.

I'm also considering taking an online Special Education course during the same time, since drama is probably the qualification least likely to help me get a job (after the English one I already have), but I'm not sure about the time and money needed. The nice thing is that the drama one is downtown at the OISE building, so I'll be able to shift my current work's classes by about a half hour and keep working while I take the class.

Improv- Proceeds apace. Finished level 5 and am taking a short break from classes. My team, which goes by the name of "Riggins" for some reason, practises once a week and will soon be performing once a week too, at a decent bar about 10 minutes' walk from my house. So that's going well. I think we're growing pretty quickly - we finally started to get into some 'Meta' scenes last week, where we interacted directly with ongoing scenes from outside them, and with the audience, in a way that thematically made sense. Felt good.

Drumming- Heating up. We've got gigs and gigs... a little once in June where we'll play a song or two at some Cancer event, which I presume is a volunteer gig. In August, though, we have by far our biggest performance. Some percussion-focused festival in Mississauga, where we'll be playing two 20-minute sets on a huge outdoor stage, rock concert style. This is more than 30 minutes longer than we've ever played before, so we've got a bit of pressure to come up with and perfect some new songs. Luckily, we've kind of been rising to that pressure and I think we'll pull something decent together. Robin's been playing the fue, or Japanese flute, and has already gotten really good at it. We're starting to compose some more atmospheric, slow stuff, which is good. Mainly because our endurance is not quite up to playing hard for 20 minutes straight yet.

We've also got a 2-song wedding gig in September, I think, and another longer one in October for some Japan-related company. We'll be taking in some proper moneys, it seems - I'm starting to think we should start being a for-profit group. I could use some profit.

Movies- Last night I watched a double-feature of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek and Ingmar Bergman's The Silence. It was a study in contrast. I enjoyed them both, though at times I hated them both. More so with the Trek, really. Still, at the end, overall, I had to say it was quite a good time. You just need to disconnect the mind a little and go along for the ride.

Breakfast- Haven't eaten it yet. Should.
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2009|11:09 am]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |crappyvegetable]

I've been putting off writing one of these for a bunch of weeks. A lot of little things have been going on, and other things have been not going on. The tree across the street is covered in pink flowers. I visited a cat's house last night, and a different cat came to visit my house the night before.

I have no progress on this England thing. I think I had dreams about some kind of hostile encounter with the representative I've been dealing with. I was told I'd hear something from them within a week, but I never did, and I have not mustered any gumption to contact the company to see if there are any deals. I was told that at the very least, I could get guaranteed daily supply teaching work if I went there, but I'm not sure if that's something I'd want to do. I'm thinking about just doing some things to upgrade my skillz as a teacher -(doing some adult literacy volunteering at a place down the street, maybe even trying to get extra qualifications, though the thought of actually doing more education studies right now is sort of unappealing.

Played drums at the club again, and it was actually pretty cool. It's annoying to actually post pictures here, so I'll just give you a link, if you care to look: http://toronto.beforelastcall.com/gallery/ultra_supper_club/toronto/pictures/3973/friday_april_17_2009.html?Page=0
It was weird, and the event planner and talent booking guy both kept telling us different things about what they wanted, so it wasn't the best possible place for us to perform. But it was much better than the last time we played there, anyway. We basically got set up in a row in front of some tables, and kept still while a couple of prancers pranced around on the tables behind us. Then we did our little three-minute bit and buggered off.
They'd asked us for two sets, and were pretty wishy-washy on what they wanted for the second. Since there was already dancing underway, Erez (the group's leader) and I just put two of our drums up on the table in the middle of the room and started playing along with a couple of songs. It was actually a lot of fun and well-received, but there was a bit of miscommunication with the DJ. After just a couple of minutes, the music suddenly stopped and we took that as our cue to finish up and climb down. Actually, it was supposed to be a moment for us to go crazy and solo, but I'm not sure how we were supposed to know that. Anyway, another six minutes, another 600 bucks for the group.

Improv's been good. Had our first real show as a team on Tuesday, which was a bit chaotic and unsatisfying, but still an okay start. I'm really enjoying having class on Saturdays and team practice on Sundays, since every other class leaves me feeling a bit negative about my abilities, but the team practice will usually bring me out of that. I feel like I'm finally getting better and jumping right into a scene and getting to the game of it quickly, which is also something I need to improve in my writing.

Speaking of which, I've been enjoying poems a lot. Reading and writing - I don't really have a lot of books to read right now, so I've decided to make my way through all of my old 20th Century anthology of English lit. But mostly the writing. I've done a couple so far that I'm quite happy with, and posted some drafts on the EfBee. Maybe I will put them here sometime, too.

Also this weekend - failed dancing, unexpected successful dancing, meeting old friends for bunches of drinks & hijinks (Mr. Shanks and Ms. Batt/Belding, specifically). Made me feel old, but not in a bad way.

Continuing the trucking on.
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Equinoxious [Mar. 22nd, 2009|11:46 am]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |bouncyTired legsed]
[Current Music |Ice T - Original Gangsta - On CBC?]

Hey y'all. Ups and downs. Not sure why I'm posting now really, so this will likely be a dull one. I've just been enjoying reading other peoples business, and feel like Sunday is a good time to let my thoughts reorganize.

I've got sore ankles. Is this something that happens when you are pregnant? I don't think I am pregnant. I think I went dancing last night and had a pretty classicly wild time. It was nice to go out to the Goin' Steady with four lovely gals. Even if I couldn't come up with a satisfying signature dance move. In fact, I think I gave points to some other gals by doing their signature move. It wasn't all that original a move, though - some kind of hand-jive like thing - so they probably only got one or two points.

After the GS, there was a nice walk home in the lukewarm cool air. I should really work on vocabularizing a bit more so I can readily find words that actually describe "lukewarm cool", which doesn't quite cut it, I think.

Before the GS, there was improv. Six hours of it, kinda. That stuff is starting to pile up, but so far it's in a good way. The official training team (named "Riggins" for some reason none of us can fathom) now has a coach, and will soon start rehearsing, and eventually (I hope) performing. After my class yesterday, I was surprised to find myself at an audition for an "improv-based comedy group" (called "Touch My Stereotype" for some reasons that I can only guess at). It was a cool thing to be doing, because I had no expectations and was just there to play. There were about 25 or 30 people there, which was more than I expected. Anna was one of them, which surprised for some reason, even though she was the one who tipped me off about this group. So we played a bunch of games and scenes and junk, and I had a good time and didn't get asked to leave. Seems like it could be a cool group if they want me in it. It'd be nice to try some stuff more in the direction of sketch - both writing and performing it.

That's pretty much it. The week had some really fun times, but was ultimately disappointing. I'm mostly dreading work these days, and have a grand total of one student for the next two weeks. Luckily, we get along pretty well and will probably go for drinks as part of the class once or twice. Mrof. Today I float and spin on the currents.
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Fortunes and Fortunes [Mar. 16th, 2009|06:35 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |awakeengage ludicrous speed]
[Current Music |Blackalicious - first in flight]

Heckuva Monday.

To read about it, click here. It's not all that interesting, but still.Collapse )

It's been a pretty good week up to this point, anyway. There was art and milkshakes w/ Robin, Rocks and rolls w/ Matt and Robin, French mewvie and tea and walkin's with Anna, and some penultimate episodes of the Battlestar. Falafels. Coming week feels like it needs to be super-action-packed, and I think there's a chance that it might be. I have no intention of powering down.
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Rain spiders [Mar. 10th, 2009|10:38 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |bouncyraining raining raining]
[Current Music |Radiohead on the piano]

Hop hop, heave to, chilluns. It is a pleasure to be typing again with my fingers. Sorta.

I have some bits of news that are mostly not new to people who I talk to on a regular basis.

I talked to a guy named Paul this morning on the tellyphone. He had a lovely accent and said some funny words, because he was in England. He wanted to ask me questions and set up an interview. So I will have such an interview on April 5th, with Paul and a colleague and one or more headmasters from county Kent.

All of this means that I've been floating around here long enough to throw myself a new ultimatum. Unless I am given a fantastic job and/or marriage proposal, incurable brain illness, one way ticket to adventure, etc., I will try to move to Engerland in September to teach me some English. Not English like I've been doing thus far, but proper English. I don't really know what that entails, but it sounds exciting... seems like I'd be likely to do it at a more high-schooly level than I'm used to thinking about, but that might be for the best, and I seem to be officially qualified enough for it. Hopefully I don't get stabbed.

That's all in the far-ahead hypothetical plane though. What is now is rain. I like how it splats down in pools of streetlamp and makes little explosions. When lots of then happen at once, they steal the eye from one another and start to look like big shiny wet spiders dancing around. A bit. If you squint.

I had my last improv class this week. I'd decided that I don't have enough money to keep going with the classes right now, and that I should try to perform more before taking more classes anyway. But then the head o' the school/company let the class know that our reputation was good and solid, and that they wanted to make us a house team in training, or "incubator" team. I kind of thought this would be pretty sweet since it would mean regular rehearsals and coaching, if not actual performances anytime soon (the bar where the company used to hold its shows disappeared a couple of weeks ago after not paying their rent or protection money or something). The being on a team is sort of conditional on finishing the school's program though, which means two more classes. That and an impending tax refund were enough to convince me to keep going for now.

It also helps that I may be getting a bit more income soon - besides potential UK teachering, my current school is thinking that they want to start a new class for me to teach, despite the fact that they have a hard time getting new students. They figure that a new class will let us milk the existing students a bit longer, which makes sense I guess.

Life is filled with feelings lately, and with rains. The two often go together. Springtime...
Tomorrow I will go to see some art, and an art gallery. It's free on wednesday nights, and I've been meaning to go since it was all redesigned with spiral staircases projecting out through walls and outer walls that look like giant Portuguese Man-o-War moon-domes or something.

This weekend was non-stop. I think because the days before the weekend were pretty dancy-fancy too, and I kind of wanted to fall down and sleep on the weekend but didn't have the chance. Lots of happenings. Video games. Macaronis. It's all too much. Northern Monkey out.
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Of Germs and Jams: an epic tale in 6 parts [Feb. 19th, 2009|06:47 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |contentreborn (89%)]
[Current Music |Jurassic 5 - Quality Control. And then a bunch of other stuff.]

Well, holy hells and sweet beans. What a week it has been.

And this is how it went down:Collapse )
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