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Kittens and Kisses - Refried Dreams [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ex Tin Panther

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Kittens and Kisses [Mar. 15th, 2010|11:58 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
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[Current Mood |excitedrancorous]

Iiiiiit's Valentine's day, chums. Of course, the feast day of St. Valentine is a meaningless corporate cash-in to which we owe no heed, but this year I feel that it merits some special attention on my part. Because I have fallen deeply in love, with candy hearts and marshmallow wedding-rings? No sir, not so. Because it has been a day of intense soul-searching and exploration? Not so much that either. But if you take out the word "intense", and many of the connotations of the word "soul", that's not so far-off.</p>

Well then: what has this long, family-day weekend held for the life of myself? I'm not sure right now. I've been drinking and playing Xbox. But I wrote some notes down so as to record something about this semi-momentous weekend at a later time, which is now. So let me dig them out.

Uh... these are just some shabby poems. Let's see. Oh yes.

Things to say

  • dumplings
  • art
  • gender dynamics
  • learning to love editing
  • Cupid, ok?

Hm... I'm not sure what some of these things are right now, or what I was supposed to say about them. Let's see: I shall start with today, and try to go through these mostly in order.

DUMPLINGS: Today I decided I would go out into the world and do things. Today being Valentine's day, and myself being a dude who has been single for a while, I figured I would go out in true single fashion (ie. by myself) and do some activities which would bring me in contact with people and lead me to have thoughts about the world in which I find myself. And so I did. I figured I would go to the art gallery, and also to a show that someone I (and people who might read this thing) might vaguely know happened to be performing in. It involved bees and dancing. That's about all I knew.

So I set off, with the knowledge that I would require some kind of fast-breaking nourishment.
INTERJECTION:- ALSO, I played paintball on friday night, which was intensely fun and made me all jazzed and sore and made my shoes look like they were made of candy for DAYS after (even now, in fact). But that's not related to this point. Except maybe that parts of my body were still sore. From crawling. Through goo.
So anyway, hungry. I figured, what: Falafel? Sushi? BBQ hot-wings? What about dumplings? What could be a finer breakfast on a Sunday morn? Then I thought about this fairly famous little dumpling place on Spadina (Chinatown) called "The Dumpling House", which I had always meant to visit, but never gotten around to it. And then a little voice in my ear-parts was all like: "No, you can't go to this dumpling house all by yourself, you crazy mammal. That is pure crazy-talk plain and simple." And I thought: Yes, little voice, you are right. But then I changed my mind and thought, you know what? I will make a list today. A list of all the things that I feel like doing but decide that I can't do. And then I will do those things. So I made said list. And the first item was "-Go to the dumpling house". And then I did. And then I remembered that is was Chinese New Year today as well as V-day, and that it might be all crazy in Chinatown. And verily, there were at least two lions a-dancin' around, despite the fact that it is clearly the year of the TIGER. But I went to the dumpling house anyway, which was sorta crowded, but I got a table and ate some fairly delicious dumplings. And I was satisfied and fortified for the tasks ahead.

Next up - The ART Gallery of Ontario, which was all redesigned by FAMOUS ARCHITECT FRANK GEHRY (Frank? Are you sure you're not thinking of Frank Lloyd Wright? Are all FAMOUS ARCHITECTS named FRANK? Whatever.) and now looks sort of like a whale/Portuguese Man-o-war/Museum with weird wooden semi-spiral staircases and giant faces coming out of the walls. So I went there. And I activated my gift-membership. And it was crazy-crowded with people going to see mummy-paraphenalia, so I didn't do that. But I saw a bunch of art and things, which made me pretty content and excited. Some of the art was made of wood, and some of bronze. Or acrylic and charcoal. And so on. Because it was V-day, perhaps, there were two people (a lady and a man) in the atrium part who were engaging in some kind of slow-motion make-outs throughout the afternoon. They were maybe dancers, wearing blue jeans and T-shirts, and they would roll around and kiss each other and engage in some lightly risqué fondling, while people around the atrium stepped around their bodies, or nervously laughed, or took pictures, or watched. Every once in a while the couple would pause in their activities and look around the room to gaze back at the spectators, as if to say, "Whatchu lookin' at?" or "Why aren't you guys making out with each other instead of watching us?" I found it pretty fascinating.

I couldn't make it past the second floor because of all the Egyptian Mummy lineups, but I figured I'll go back in a few weeks when there's some kind of crazy subversive Japanese anti-civilization meat-art or something.

How'm I doing? Oh geez, I've only done two things on my list, and this is long and it's 1:30. Aw, geez.

Well, in other news, I did some writing. And I've found lately that I enjoy editing stuff a lot. This is both unsurprising and not unsurprising to me. See, I always thought I would be a pretty good editor for other people (and lately have found that I'm a particularly good nay-sayer when it comes to collaborative creativity), but I have also found it very difficult to get around to editing my own junk. When I wrote essays, I would usually just be so happy to have them done that I would hand them in as soon as I could get them printed and stapled, if not sooner. But I think writing shabby poems has taught me the merits of editing. You can just spew out any garbage that has the basic idea of what you want to say, and later you can juggle around the actual words until it feels magical. So I spent some time doing that. I think I would like to find someone with drawing skills to collaborate with. I am slowly writing something that I kind of like.

Also writing is a short (short short) film comedy short thing that is part of a weekly competition or something? Anyway, a bunch of us wrote it last night, and will film it tomorrow, and maybe I will be a shabby, run-down CUPID who runs a dating site. I think that maybe it will be okay, but not great. Good times, though.

Also: GENDER DYNAMICS. I have some serious stuff to say about these, I think, but I'm not sure exactly what they are and how/if I want to say them? But for now, gender dynamics are strange. Also, I saw a 30-minute solo play thing tonight that was kind of all about gender dynamics and sexuality and identity and being a drag queen, and I found it fairly interesting. But more on that with sobriety and alertness, possibly.

Then I ate a BACON CHEESEBURGER and played video games with some chums. It was pretty good. And thus do I declare Valentine's day a mighty success.

This thing is long, and I choose not to hide it behind a cut right now, because I sort of forget how and also do not care to. Suck on THAT, mammals.

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[User Picture]From: laradwyer
2010-02-15 06:23 pm (UTC)
Cut? Pfft. Cuts are for big pictures that take time to load for some people, or for potentially NSFW or graphic/terrifying stuff. Anyone who expects you to put text behind a cut just because it's long is a demanding jerk who just shouldn't be bothering to follow you if they can't handle your NAKED, EXPOSED WRITING. *gasp*

My V-Day consisted of store-bought pizza and cheesecake, and downloaded old Star Trek films. I have no regrets.
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