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Ex Tin Panther

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28 Years Later [Nov. 8th, 2009|09:36 am]
Ex Tin Panther
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[Current Music |The Knife - She's having a baby]

Had a very fine birthday yesterday. I was saying to Robin that birthdays that actually feel special rather than just like any other day are increasingly rare. But yesterday was one.

I am writing this in bed. Lola the cat has pinned my arms.

After brunch, I was walking to the station to go to an improv workshop, and put pod in my ears. I skipped through the first few songs, wanting to find something appropriate, and after a few skips (possibly the 7th song that came up?) I hit "She's having a baby" by The Knife - a song about having a baby in November. It's a very short and simple song, but has a kind of magical feeling that was totally appropriate for that day, leaves falling down in slow motion and all. I thought for a second about how I could be struck by a car and killed in that moment. I was glad that I wasn't, though.

The workshop was pretty excellent. It was with half of maybe my favourite improv duo, a group called Crumbs from Winnipeg. For some reason, only four people signed up (and even fewer for the one that was planned for today, with the other half of the group). But it was great. The last workshop I'd done was all about following a kind of formula to find the comedy of a scene quickly. It totally didn't work for me. This one was different. I love Crumbs because of how slowly and intensely they play things, and the workshop was pretty much what I was hoping for.
Lots of more honest emotional stuff, and being pushed to have more dramatic reactions. It brought me back to how I used to feel acting in plays.

Anyway, 28 seems good. I think I will keep it.

From: (Anonymous)
2009-11-12 02:55 pm (UTC)


Hey! I had a baby in November! A pretty good one! Glad your birthday felt like a special day.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-11-12 02:56 pm (UTC)

Re: Babies

Love your mother xxoo
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