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The summer has been grey and thundersome, yea, for picnicry and… - Refried Dreams [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 31st, 2009|01:03 pm]
Ex Tin Panther
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The summer has been grey and thundersome, yea,
for picnicry and frolics few precious days begat.

I know I wanted to write something besides talking about the weather in faux-old lingo.
Not sure what it was, though. I've eaten several burgers and sandwiches, lately. Found one of those vietnamese ones that Lindsay talked about when she was here - very tasty, and for a cool $2.25. The secrets of Chinatown.

I spent yesterday roaming around Kensingtron Marche and associated neighbourhoods, enjoying and fearing the fall-like air. It made me write down those first couple of lines, which then continued into a few pages of poem about seasons and mortality and fun things. I think it is one that might actually take some work though - it's got potential to be something long and even meaningful, but I'm not sure exactly what tone I'm going for yet.

I've been tutoring some tutelage lately, which is pretty easy. Getting up early to go to this woman's crazy expensive condo - a pretty huge place right at the Harbourfront. Full of pots and widescreen TVs and all the stuff you'd expect, I suppose.

This weekend I didn't go to any fests - no CNE, no Fan Expo, no Virgin Fest, no Busker Fest. I don't think I missed out, though... especially since Steve and I went to a fancy sale at the Silver Snail on Saturday night, and the place was basically a nerd nightclub. Lots of zombies and superpowered schoolgirls and steampunk goggles and body odour.

Good improv practice yesterday.