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Back on the Banana-horse, in the Banana-saddle [Aug. 6th, 2009|12:11 am]
Ex Tin Panther
[Current Mood |cranky...finally!]
[Current Music |something smells like fish a bit.]

Friends, I do not know where the needle on my power-gauge is headed, but it seems to be wiggling in the "moderately high" region for now. I'd neglected my daily banana regimen for nigh a fortnight in recognition of the fruit fly menace brought on by garbage strikes. But now the strike hath ended, the garbage be collected, and the fruit be ripe and in the open air of the kitchen.

And man, have I eaten well in the past 26 hours. See, my Tokushima chum Lindsay has been visiting from NYNY:USAmerica, and thus I have been free with my dollars and ferocious with my digestive apparatus. After a very successful (best ever?) show with Riggins (mysteriously-named improv team) last night, we strolled to Sneaky Dees (fameously dingy late-nite Tex-mex jam-joint) to dig into a "King's Crown" (monstrous layered wedding cake of the nacho world). I was pleased that I had skipped proper dinner, because I was able to do proudly honour the sacrifice of the young avocado by filling my gut to the very craw, despite finally being defeated by the mighty Crown.

After a period of gustatory respose, we awoke to make reservations for the overpriced CN tower restaurant, in order to cut the tourist lines and show the Rinj an appropriate view of the cittay. This we did, and I breakfasted on a spinach and asiago stuffed capon and scavenged quish, as well as myriad forms of cook'ed sweet potato, and the squozen juice of many an orange.

But this was not the end of the day's mighty alimentary conquests - nay! For another Tokushima chum, one Elizabeth Tracey, was due to arrive in our fair land, from the also fair land of Scot. This she did, and after the killing of time in the buck of Stars, our way was made to the Bangkok Garden, which is that totally fabtastic Thai place with the sweet water features. Indoor koi and all. Or some kind of fishies, anyway. I didn't inspect. There's also this squirting turtle fountain thing, and lots of funny objects carved out of various fragrant woods.

So we gnashed and masticated our tamarind beefs and noodly phads and emerald curries of chicken, and we agreed that it was good. We took Ellie back to her home for the night, and retired to an evening of making Lindsay finally watch This is Spinal Tap. I might have to do the same thing to Ellie tomorrow, after Lindsay returns to the kingdom of NYNY:USAmerica.

In the meanwhilst - Doppelgangs are in town, along with their crews of Spinneys, Coles, and FrankenFish. Turnover at the Pentacon continues, with two new recruits expected in the next few weeks. Aaaaand my job continues to sort of let me down and evoke earthward-pointed thumbs from me, so tomorrow I will find myself at the Royal Ontario Museum, applying to be a teacher in residence (except for the residence part) involved in their education programs. If all goes well, I might find myself teaching people about mummies and dead sea scrolls and ecosystems and rocks and medieval polearms and asian pots and australasian pipes and dinosours and daemonelices (look it up) and so on and SO FORTH.


So that's what I'm up to. What's new with you?

[User Picture]From: nanogibbon
2009-08-07 03:43 am (UTC)
Fantastic - cornering the market on another obscure word.

If you like, you might find more info with the singular "daemonelix"
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